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Alpaca Ruana, Cape--Warm & Extravagant

Alpaca Ruana, Cape--Warm & Extravagant

This Ruana, cape is more than perfect for Fall/Winter weather or for cool nights; it's perfect in different ways. Throw it over one shoulder or throw it over both for extra warmth. Wear it open or wind it around your neck like an extravagant lady.

Alpaca fibers are soft, silky  and thermally insulating. Alpacas are gentle to the environment.   There is no animal harm or suffering in the process of obtaining their hair/ fleece.  It is an eco-friendly material.

                 GO AUTHENTIC. FEEL GOOD


  • Hand-crafted, using only authentic & organic dyes based on traditional Inca legacy
  • 100% Alpaca weave by hand
  • 58" L x 50" W  approx. perfectly sized

CARE:  Wash with mild soap, gentle/delicate cycle, or by hand, cold water, Do not put it in the dryer. Do not Wring.  

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