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Handcrafted Necklaces Set with Natural Stone-SODALITE

Handcrafted Necklaces Set with Natural Stone-SODALITE

  1.  Gorgeous Peruvian Sodalite Necklace and Earrings set with fabulous wire work design. The stone on these pieces were individually hand carved by experts Peruvian artisans.  Every stone is unique one-of -a-kind and each of them has a little white and black inclusions which accentuates the beautiful design made by nature. There is no mass production of these pieces.

                                  BE AUTHENTIC, FEEL GOOD!

 Metaphysical properties:

The stone of Logic, Efficiency, Truthfulness, Enhances group communication.

Sodalite is sometimes considered a guardian for heroes and heroines, especially those speaking truth to power. It's believed to have the ability to unite logic with intuition and the drive for truth with the rise of idealism. Practitioners have used sodalite to organize the mind, as it's said to promote rational thought, objectivity and perception. It is sometimes thought to cleanse lymph nodes and boost the immune system. All these balancing abilities are why sodalite is often used in groups with other stones and among multiple users.

Sodalite is assigned to the throat chakra and to the western astrological sign Sagittarius. In feng shui, it is thought to possess water energy.


Necklace:  21" long (adjustable to a chocker) approx.

Earrings: 1" 1/2 long (from Earlobe) approx.

Metal: Alpaca Silver, as a metal alloy, it consists of 55 % copper, 20 % nickel, 20 % zinc and 5 % tin. It is also referred to as German Siver. Alpaca silver jewelry is easy to care for as it does not tarnish as easily or as deeply as sterling silver and is easier to clean. Alpaca silver jewelry is both durable and beautiful, making it a high-quality product.


Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

 At Inka Arts, we are trying to represent the stone colors as much as possible, but it may differ a little in other computers resolutions. 

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